new landscape

a dreamy landscape in watercolour, painted earlier this year.

The piece is on presswood, about 1/2 inch thick and quite small:

4-3/4″ X 2- 3/8″ or 12 X 6 cm.

It has a very dry look, as it has been painted over absorbant ground, a base for watercolour.

Price: $80 + shipping. Prints: $10


What I’m Working On

Got the call to work on something for the Oppenheimer Park show at Gallery Gachet later this summer. I think I’ll do a painting of the park complete with tents and ruthless park rangers hounding people to get lost. Some sketches have been done, and I have restretched a recycled canvas…



Live band shows are fun!! especially in the late 80s Vancouver music scene. It was a riot capturing gestural elements and crazy verbiages of the post-punk era. Out yelled the singer: “Frank! Frank! Frank! Frank!” WTF? WTH?

This is a pastel piece on acid-free paper

Edgar in trouble with Allan

This piece is done in chalk pastels. The ground is handmade paper. Done in 2004, this, one of my own favourites, finally made it out of the portfolio and onto the screen. Edgar Allan Poe was a foster child of a merchant named John Allan and his wife, Frances, who had been a friend of his mother. His own parents had died by the time he was 3 years old. John Allan was a control freak, being a high and mighty businessman, yet he still supported his foster son for a while, but Edgar felt the pain of this relationship all his life. Perhaps drove him to drink. Great book about his life Edgar A. Poe: A Mournful and Never-Ending Remembrance

Price: $375

Size, including deckaled edges: 9-7/16″ h X 12-1/4″ w or 24.5 cm x 31.6 cm.

What I Am Working On

I got some square watercolours with very little paint on them, which I then made to progress to a more complex state. The cards were from Gail D. Whitter. The end result is nothing like the original.

Recently getting some watercolour paper on sale at DeSerres I used my new watercolour paints and some old, to paint whatever came to mind. One started off a blue cloud, after which I went to town photographing clouds, in hopes of adding to the image. Reference photos can be used to improve a painting especially when you are imitating nature.