Santa’s gift

isn’t that great…a blank canvas…exactly as requested

collage, untitled c 2018

new landscape

a dreamy landscape in watercolour, painted earlier this year.

The piece is on presswood, about 1/2 inch thick and quite small:

4-3/4″ X 2- 3/8″ or 12 X 6 cm.

It has a very dry look, as it has been painted over absorbant ground, a base for watercolour.

Price: $80 + shipping. Prints: $10

What I’m Working On

Got the call to work on something for the Oppenheimer Park show at Gallery Gachet later this summer. I think I’ll do a painting of the park complete with tents and ruthless park rangers hounding people to get lost. Some sketches have been done, and I have restretched a recycled canvas…



Live band shows are fun!! especially in the late 80s Vancouver music scene. It was a riot capturing gestural elements and crazy verbiages of the post-punk era. Out yelled the singer: “Frank! Frank! Frank! Frank!” WTF? WTH?

This is a pastel piece on acid-free paper